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[Infographic] Resiliency: A key 21st Century skill
Individualized learning plans help students take ownership
Helping gifted & talented students overcome obstacles
Social emotional learning and the Common Core
The Other 21st Century Skills
Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., User Generated Education
What are the skills students need to be successful in the 21st Century? This infographic and accompanying article include the standards such as critical thinking and collaboration along with social-emotional skills like resiliency, grit, perseverance, and adaptability that are starting to get more attention from educators
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ILPS and College and Career Readiness
Dr. V. Scott Solberg & Curtis Richards, Education Week
Individualized learning plans, or ILPs, strive to strengthen the transition between school and college or work while bolstering student engagement. Research has found that the ILP process strengthens a key resiliency skill – self efficacy – and results in students’ taking ownership of their learning and becoming more engaged in their courses.
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The Trouble with Bright Kids
Heidi Grant Halvorson, Harvard Business Review Blog Network
Our smartest, most talented students often don’t learn an essential life skill – confidence. These students are often praised for being smart and excel at much of what they attempt. So, when challenges arise, they are less equipped to persevere and conquer difficult tasks. As educators, we can teach confidence, even to those students we may be surprised need to learn it.
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How are Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core Connected?
Maurice Elias, Edutopia
The more rigorous standards of the Common Core require a sustained focus on character education, social-emotional learning, and positive school climate. This article discusses how schools can create a conducive learning environment for students to become college, career, and civic ready.
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