Webinar: Using Resiliency as an Early Warning Indicator

[Webinar Recording] Learn to Identify At-Risk Students Earlier

What can we do to identify at-risk students sooner? Schools and districts can incorporate resiliency data into their early warning systems. This type of social and emotional data can help educators identify areas such as stress, confidence, and health that students are struggling with that eventually impact their academic performance.

Hear from Dr. Jan Vesely, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Curriculum for Sunnyside Unified School District (AZ), and Dr. V. Scott Solberg, Associate Dean of Research at Boston University School of Education, as they examine:

  • Why districts and schools should develop specific tipping points or early warning indicators.
  • How college and career readiness can be propelled by a unified system of predictive indicators and tiered evidence based interventions.
  • How attendance, behavior, and course performance can be modified and improved through organized and informed actions at the school, district, and community levels.
  • How one district utilizes resiliency data as a core component of its early warning system.

Watch the Webinar.

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