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ScholarCentric Clear Path Distributing Licenses
How to distribute purchased licenses to schools in your district. Each license will allow one...
ScholarCentric ClearPath Creating Access Keys
How to create Access Keys through Clear Path. This allows your students to access and...
ScholarCentric Clear Path: Starting the Survey for Students
How to have students access and begin taking the Clear Path Survey.
ScholarCentric Clear Path Running Student Reports
How to access and run individual Student Reports through the Clear Path portal.
ScholarCentric Clear Path School Reports
How to access and run School Reports through Clear Path
ScholarCentric Clear Path District Reports
How to access and run District Reports for Clear Path surveys.
ScholarCentric Clear Path Excel Report Sorting
How to sort Clear Path assessment data on the Excel sheet.
Student Report Webinar
This webinar will cover all aspects ScholarCentric's Clear Path Assessment Student Reports: how to access...
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