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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


Resiliency assessment data provides a complete picture of the whole student

Success Highways Resiliency Assessment, Grades 6-10

What if you could identify at-risk students even before warning signs appear? You can, with the Success Highways research-validated Resiliency Assessment.

Traditionally, schools track early warning indicators such as student attendance, behavior and coursework (the ABC’s). By the time this data is captured, it’s often too late to reverse trends and prescribed interventions  are often ineffective because they do not address the underlying social and emotional factors that are contributing to the problems. With the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment, schools have the data to see a complete picture of the whole student and intervene before students experience the negative impact of academic failure.

View a sample resiliency needs assessment report for grades 6-10

The resiliency assessment identifies the social emotional needs of students. Individual, school and district reports are provided.

View Sample Resiliency Assessment Report

After the Success Highways curriculum is completed, the resiliency assessment is administered again to see how students’ resiliency profiles have changed.

Using the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment for grades 6-10, schools can turn the tide for students in several ways:

Look ahead

Resiliency assessment data tells educators which students are at risk of failure as early as three years before warning signs appear, identifying even straight-A students who may be silently struggling with resiliency issues.

Look deeper

Students’ academic problems are often only a symptom of deeper social emotional concerns. When educators are empowered with data on the six resiliency skills, they can target the underlying issues and improve academic performance, attendance, behavior, and graduation rates.

Utilize data to inform action

Success Highways Resiliency Assessments help educators prioritize interventions. Resiliency data can also aid in building an overall school culture of resiliency by targeting areas for school- or district-wide improvement.

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