Success Highways Resiliency Solution

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


Success Highways has helped me change my attitude on how I think about school.”

- Roosevelt High School Student, San Antonio, TX
Finally… A way to identify students’ social emotional needs in order to target interventions more effectively

For students to do well in school they have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to learn. Even the best teachers, technology, and curriculum are unlikely to have a significant impact on academic performance until students understand the value of school, are engaged, confident and motivated to succeed.

So how do we ensure that every student has the support and skills he or she needs to be successful in school? The answer lies in boosting students’ resiliency. Research led by Boston University Professor V. Scott Solberg has shown that:

  • Among matched groups of students, resiliency is the key factor in determining why one group succeeds academically while the other does not.
  • Six interrelated resiliency skills can be measured and taught.
  • When students’ resiliency increases, their academic performance improves, along with their attendance and behavior.
Six resiliency skills assessed and taught by Success Highways


resiliency solution provides educators with actionable data so they can analyze the root causes of disengagement and identify students for RtI tiers. Success Highways includes:

  • Validated resiliency assessments for grades 3-10 that measure students’ resiliency aptitude while comprehensive reports provide insight into the specific social emotional issues with which students may be struggling.
  • Standards-aligned curriculum for grades 6-10 provides the pedagogical framework for educators to enhance students’ academic resiliency.
  • Professional development builds school capacity to actively teach resiliency and increase academic achievement.


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