Resiliency Professional Development

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


“I was able to break through with my kids and talk about real issues. I feel I make a personal difference with the kids and that the curriculum reinforces that.”

~ South High School Teacher,  Cheyenne,  WY
Create a culture of resiliency with capacity-building professional development

Students of all ages, studying any subject, need resiliency in order to achieve success in school and beyond. Building resiliency in students starts with educators understanding the role of resiliency in student achievement and how to foster these essential skills. ScholarCentric’s professional development services are designed to facilitate the creation of a district- or school-wide culture of resiliency. On-site or online sessions provide educators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use resiliency data and teach the six skills that can dramatically impact student performance.

ScholarCentric offers several professional development courses that can be customized to your school or district’s specific needs and interests.

  • From data to insight: Resiliency data consultation & integration, for district and school administration and leadership
  • Integrating resiliency across the curriculum, for classroom educators and counselors, school and district administration welcome
  • Implementing the Success Highways curriculum, for staff implementing the curriculum
  • Resiliency and special populations, for classroom educators and guidance counselors
  • Building Resiliency at home, for parents, guardians, and caregivers

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