Resiliency INSIGHT

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


"Schools and districts can incorporate resiliency data into their early warning systems. This type of social and emotional data can help educators identify areas such as stress, confidence, and health that students are struggling with that eventually impact their performance."
WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you had a crystal ball for each of your students?

If you are uncertain where to begin or how to integrate the benefits of developing resiliency capacity in your school district, let us help you grasp how our predictive analytics enable you to make better decisions to meet the ‘whole child’ needs of all students.

 With more insight, you can:

    • Prioritize your students for intervention.
    • Identify the root cause of their issues
    • Identify students who will disengage, even before they show signs.
    • Understand and educate the whole child.
    • Allocate resources for action sooner and more appropriately.


Available by grade level, school or district, Resiliency INSIGHT is a research-based assessing and action solution that enables educators to gauge where each student measures across the six resiliency attributes:     Six resiliency skills assessessed and taught by Success Highways
Resiliency INSIGHT includes:


Take action with a combined insight of resiliency data and district early warning systems.
Combine your School District SIS exported A-B-C data with your student resiliency data to understand the “Whole Child” view of your students and take action to help them be resilient and successful.
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