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Success Highways Resiliency Solution

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"I saw students come to understand how meaningful and important the next four years were for the next step to be possible in their lives.”

~ Teacher, Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO
Students succeed when they see school as relevant

SHlogo_3cTM_Sm_1010The Success Highways standards-aligned resiliency curriculum is designed for grades 6-10 and available in English and Spanish. For students who are successful academically, the curriculum can strengthen resiliency skills that will be put to the test as they attempt more complex and rigorous curriculum. For those students who are struggling, this curriculum offers new hope by addressing the previously hidden obstacles to their success. Longitudinal studies have shown that the Success Highways curriculum:

  • Strengthens the resiliency skills students need to persevere and succeed in school.
  • Improves attendance, grades, and graduation rates.

In efficacy studies of over 7,000 students in major school districts, students who used Success Highways improved across multiple measures:

  • 23% higher GPAs
  • 19% more courses passed
  • 17% more credits earned
  • 9% better attendance
The six resiliency skills assessed and taught by Success Highways


Using the curriculum, teachers also reported significant improvements in behavior, engagement, confidence, perseverance, and college and career readiness.

The curriculum consists of fifteen, 45-minute multidisciplinary lessons covering the six critical areas of resiliency. As part of the curriculum, students are provided with their individual resiliency reports, generated from the Success Highways resiliency assessment. Throughout the lessons, students analyze and reflect on their own resiliency data, a critical step in social and emotional growth. Highlights of the Success Highways curriculum include:

  • Consistent, research-based pedagogy
  • Simulations, goal-based scenarios, and games
  • Interactive small-group experiences
  • Self-reflection and personal action plans
  • Teacher-led discussions
  • Step-by-step lesson guide for teachers
Success Highways resiliency curriculum lesson guides


Every lesson includes extension activities to help students continue to build their resiliency skills. Teachers can also leverage extensions to provide Tier 2 interventions. For example, smaller groups of students can meet with counselors for extension lessons that optimize the regular lessons they receive in the larger Tier 1 group. Extension activities include:

  • Multimedia resources
  • Discussion starters
  • Linking school and home
  • Quotes for discussion
  • School-wide connections

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