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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


"Success Highways has opened my eyes to the needs of the students. They need strategies for dealing with stress and for setting goals for themselves. The program has really shown me that these needs are real, and that I can help."

~ Teacher, Broward County Schools, FL
Identify the root causes of student disengagement

Students’ academic and behavioral problems are often a symptom of deeper social and emotional issues. When educators are empowered with data about students’ resiliency, they can specifically target underlying issues and improve academic performance, attendance, behavior, and graduation rates. The Success Highways Resiliency Assessments measure students’ aptitude in six resiliency areas that have been shown by research to dramatically impact academic achievement.

Individual Student Resiliency Needs Report, Grades 6-10

The data reports provided after students take the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments provide educators with insight into the root causes of frequent absences, poor behavior, and low grades. When viewed in combination with attendance, coursework, and behavior data, educators have a complete picture of the whole student and can initiate interventions to more effectively support students’ needs.

ScholarCentric has developed validated resiliency assessments for grades 3-5 and grades 6-10. Both resiliency assessments provide districts and schools with invaluable insight into the social emotional competencies of their students and how these factors are affecting academic performance. The secondary assessment reports include an Academic Risk Index™ that identifies students at risk of failure as early as three years before warning signs appear. View sample data reports and learn more about the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments by choosing a grade level below.

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