Elementary Resiliency Assessment

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


Resiliency assessment data provides a complete picture of the whole student

Success Highways Resiliency Assessment, Grades 3-5

Whether it’s reading, writing, or math, the skills students learn in the elementary grades provide an important foundation for their academic success in middle school and beyond. Likewise, research has shown that students who succeed academically possess strong resiliency skills, developed over time, that help them overcome obstacles and persevere.

There are plenty of ways to know whether your students have mastered fractions but how do you know which resiliency skills are in need of development? The answer is clear–by assessing students’ resiliency using ScholarCentric’s new Success Highways Resiliency Assessment for grades 3-5.

Elementary Resilinecy Assessment Report

Each question of the online survey collects students’ responses across the seven resiliency skills.

  1. Valuing education
  2. Academic confidence
  3. Connectedness to teachers
  4. Connectedness to an adult
  5. Stress
  6. Health and well-being
  7. Intrinsic motivation

The resulting data provides a complete picture of the whole student so that educators can provide interventions that truly target the issues students need help with in order to improve academic performance, attendance, and behavior for years to come. The online resiliency survey provides reading prompts for emerging and struggling readers.

The Resiliency Assessment Report that is generated from the resiliency survey provides:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Trend analysis to inform school culture and climate
  • Data and reports by student, school, and district
  • Support for LMS and SIS integration

View a sample elementary resiliency assessment report

ScholarCentric also offers professional development to build understanding of the essential role of resiliency in student achievement, helping educators create a school-wide culture of resiliency across subject areas. Workshops are available for educators and parents.

Interested in seeing what the assessment reveals about 25 of your students? Contact us today to discuss a pilot.

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