Research and White Papers

Research and White Papers

The Success Highways Resiliency Solution is based on research led by Boston University Professor V. Scott Solberg. Since the initial launch of Success Highways, ScholarCentric researchers have conducted numerous efficacy studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of the solution. Below you will find information about the research foundation of Success Highways, the success schools across the country have had using the program, and research that supports the importance of resiliency to academic achievement. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact your ScholarCentric Director of Educational Partnerships at 800-995-8779 or contact us.

Empirical Research Supporting Success Highways Empirical Evidence of the effectiveness of Success Highways

Read a brief overview of the research behind the development of the Success Highways Resiliency Solution as well as review the results of several longitudinal studies with students across the country.

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White Papers on Resiliency Research and Practical Applications for Education

Academic Resiliency is Key to School Improvement

College and Career Readiness

Resiliency Skills and Dropout Prevention

Resiliency and Academic Performance


Longitudinal Predictability Study

Resiliency as an Indicator of Academic Success


Foundational Research

Structural Equation Model of Resiliency in Adolescence

Effects of Social Emotional Learning on Resiliency of Students At Risk


Technical Validation Study

Technical Validation Study for Success Highways

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