Product Overview

Information about Success Highways Resiliency Solutions

The brochures and video below provide descriptions of and information about  Success Highways Resiliency Solutions. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact your ScholarCentric Director of Educational Partnerships at 800-995-8779 or contact us.

Success Highways Achievement Through Resiliency

ScholarCentric Overview Brochure

Read a brief overview of the research that supports the Success Highways Resiliency Solutions as well as each component of the solution – resiliency assessments, curriculum and professional development.

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Elementary SEL Assessment

Elementary Resiliency Assessment Overview

The foundation for academic success must be built at a young age. By understanding which resiliency skills students in grades 3-5 need help developing, educators can better address both the academic and social emotional needs of their classes. Learn more in this overview of the Success Highways Elementary Resiliency Assessment.

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Elementary SEL Assessment

Success Highways Curriculum Overview (grades 6-10)

Learn about the methodology and format of the Success Highways Resiliency curriculum as well as read samples from a lesson.

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Resiliency Data Video

An Introduction to Resiliency Data Video

By combining traditional early warning indicators such as attendance, behavior, and coursework with Success Highway’s resiliency data, educators gain insight into the root causes of academic and behavioral issues and can identify students at risk before issues manifest.

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