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Read about how schools and districts across the country have successfully implemented the Success Highways resiliency program to support the academic achievement of their students. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact your ScholarCentric Director of Educational Partnerships at 800-995-8779 or contact us.

ScholarCentric is committed to helping students reach their full potential through the development of strong resiliency skills. We are honored to work with talented and dedicated educators across the U.S. as they mentor, educate and support their students. Many districts and students have experienced success using the Success Highways Resiliency Solution. Get inspired by just a few of their stories.

Sunnyside Unified School District—Tucson, Arizona

“The Success Highways data provided students with clarity about why they were struggling. The data review and reflection is a transformative process for them.”

~ Erika Elias, Counselor and Eighth Grade Teacher, Apollo Middle School

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K.O. Knudson Middle School, Clark County School District—Las Vegas, Nevada

“Students started to understand that their grades would affect their high school options. They began to set goals and see the big picture for the first time.”

~ Stacey Sussman, Eighth Grade Teacher, K.O. Knudson Middle School

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Nexus Academy Charter High Schools—Ohio and Michigan

“When you pay attention to social and emotional data, the research shows that test scores increase. In my experience, the Success Highways approach is very effective.”

~ Lisa Schmitter, Counselor, Nexus Academy Columbus

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