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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


"Academically the students raised their grade percentage by 10-15%.  Behaviorally the students have changed positively. One teacher I team with has made comments that her worst class is now one of her best classes."

~ Counselor, Morgan Hill USD, Morgan Hill, CA

SHlogo_3cTM_Sm_1010Curriculum correlations to standards

In addition to strengthening students’ resiliency skills and teaching them critical social and emotional skills, the Success Highways Resiliency Curriculum for grades 6-10 supports the development of skills in many subject areas including English language arts, math, and social studies. The Success Highways curriculum is aligned to all 50 states’ standards as well as the Common Core State Standards.

Download CCSS Standards

To download state specific health and PE, media/technology, science, and social studies standards, click on a state name on the map. States that have not adopted Common Core Standards also include math and ELA state specific standards in their state-by-state downloads.

Success Highways also aligns to ASCA, U.S. National standards, and IL Social Emotional Learning standards.

Download U.S. National Standards   Download ASCA Standards


Download Illinois SEL Standards

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