Webinar Recording: Using Resiliency to Determine College and Career Readiness

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~ East Detroit High School Student, Detroit, MI
Using Resiliency to Determine College and Career Readiness

In the last five years, college loan debt has dramatically increased by more than 50%, and only 41% of students entering college actually finish to earn a degree.  Research supports that students lacking a clear vision for “why” one goes to college is directly correlated to students with low social emotional learning skills.

Now more than ever, high school students need to “pursue college with a purpose.”

Focusing on student resiliency development has been proven to change the mindset of students and enable their malleability.  When districts and schools measure and develop the 9 evidence-based social emotional learning skills and competencies and incorporate the development of these skills into their individualized learning plan framework, more students become better prepared to define, own, and complete their post-secondary goals.

In this 45-minute webinar, originally broadcast live on March 10, 2016, Dr. V. Scott Solberg, Associate Dean of Research at Boston University, leads a range of college and career readiness research, practice and policy efforts in collaboration with the National Collaboration on Workforce and Disability for Youth (that is funded by the Department of Labor).

This work describes:

  • The use of Individualized Learning Plans as the first step for LEAs to help their students gain  a clear vision for life after K-12.
  • How the development of Self Exploration, Career Exploration, and Career Planning & Development skills are aligned to CASEL’s SEL competencies and are especially critical to driving College Readiness.
  • Solberg’s research underlying the development and practical application of ScholarCentric’s College and Career Readiness Indicator – used by districts and schools to identify students who are “ready”, “somewhat ready,” and “not ready” for future life and success – across 9 evidence-based skills and competencies.
  • Why ScholarCentric’s College & Career readiness analytics are the missing piece to maintaining a successful ILP implementation framework and critical to involving parents and families in their child’s career planning process.

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