Webinar Recording: Creating a Classrooom Culture that Fosters Resilience

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Success Highways impacted my attitude a lot. Such as not getting mad easily, not back talking the teacher, and having respect no matter what. It benefited my education in many ways, helping me study, do my work, and then I’ll end up somewhere good in life.”

~ Lauderhill Middle School Student, Lauderhill, FL
Creating a Classroom Culture that Fosters Resilience

Today’s students are all too frequently coming into the classroom focused on stress, anxiety and depression rather than learning. Stress dramatically impacts executive function, including students’ ability to plan, be organized and control their impulses. Teaching students to deal with the harmful impact of stress, gain self-confidence, and communicate well with others is often overlooked in busy classrooms but these are critical skill for academic and career success. Mindfulness is a technique that is gaining traction in schools across the country as a strategy to teach students how to pay attention in a way that enhances both academic and social emotional learning.

During the hour-long webinar, broadcast on March 18, 2014, Amy Bloom Connolly, M.S., Founder & Director of The Center for Mindful Awareness and Dr. Harriette Wimms, Director of Student Support at The SEED School of Maryland:

  • Examine the role of social emotional learning in the classroom.
  • Explore the relationship between social emotional learning and self-regulation, executive functioning, academic persistence, and social skills development.
  • Discuss the impact of mindfulness practices on social emotional learning in the classroom setting.
  • Provide an overview of the research on mindfulness and brain development and children.
  • Examine two effective mindfulness practices for supporting self-awareness, fostering emotional regulation, and strengthening executive functioning.
  • Share three resources for learning more about the effective use of mindfulness in classrooms.

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