Webinar Recording: Beyond the ABCs: Identifying At-Risk Students Before They Disengage

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


“With the Success Highways curriculum, we’ve taken huge steps toward improving students’ academic confidence, once the data identified the issue.”

~ Guidance Counselor, Nexus Academy Cleveland, OH
Beyond the ABCs: Identifying At-Risk Students Before They Disengage

Broadcast on October 8, 2013, this hour-long webinar examines how Johns Hopkins’ Talent Development Schools incorporate resiliency data into their system of early warning indicators. Watch the webinar to learn about:

  1. Key resiliency research
  2. How to use resiliency data to prioritize intervention using an RtI framework
  3. How to evaluate root causes of student disengagement
  4. How to predict students at risk for dropping out, even before they show signs of struggle
  5. Specific examples where merging ABCs with resiliency data resulting in individualized interventions that significantly impacted students’ lives

Presenters are Paul Verstraete, School and Student Support and Services (S4) Facilitator for Talent Development Secondary, a program of the Center for the Social Organization of Schools at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and Melissa Adle Schlinger, Vice-President of National Accounts, ScholarCentric

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