Research: Milwaukee Public Schools Study

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


Success Highways has helped me change my attitude on how I think about school.”

- Roosevelt High School Student, San Antonio, TX
Milwaukee (WI) Public Schools research study

A research team at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee used a quasi-experimental, peer-reviewed research technique and established a correlation between students who used Success Highways and higher grades, higher attendance, and increased class pass rates. First piloted in Milwaukee, these results were then replicated in other schools with large free and reduced lunch populations (Solberg, 2002).

The pilot site, South Division High School, had a high Title I population, low attendance rates, retention, and achievement. A total of 215 students (grades 9-10) used Success Highways during the study. Results show that when students had high levels of resilience, they also had higher GPAs, more credits, and better attendance. Additionally, since the introduction of Success Highways, South Division experienced fewer discipline referrals and higher graduation rates (unpublished raw data).

Milwaukee Public Schools research results

The researchers also found that students exposed to Success Highways had better attendance, higher grades, and more credits, and were more likely to graduate. Moreover, the more lessons students finished, the higher their outcomes were. Students exposed to two lessons had higher GPAs after two years than the average student; students exposed to three or more lessons achieved even higher GPAs after two years (Solberg, 2000; Solberg, 2005, Solberg, Carlstrom, & Kowalchuk 2001).

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