Resiliency Solutions for Teachers

Success Highways Resiliency Solution


“I was able to break through with my kids and talk about real issues. I feel I make a personal difference with the kids and that the curriculum reinforces that.”

~ South High School Teacher,  Cheyenne,  WY
Identify the root causes of disengagement and target interventions that build resiliency

The adoption of more rigorous Common Core State Standards has increased the need for students to problem solve, think deeply, communicate effectively, and collaborate with their peers. These skills are all greatly enhanced by resiliency. Students who are resilient are better able to respond to challenges and setbacks, manage stress, and reach out for assistance when needed.

Teachers can foster resiliency in their classrooms by:

  • Providing a caring, supportive learning environment.
  • Promoting positive social connections between staff members and students, students and their peers, and home and school.
  • Encouraging positive attitudes.
  • Framing failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Encouraging academic self-determination and feelings of competence.

The Success Highways Resiliency Solution provides teachers with insight into the individual social and emotional needs of their students as well as a research-based curriculum to integrate resiliency throughout the school year.

Using the results of the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments, teachers are able to pinpoint the underlying causes of student disengagement. When resiliency data is integrated with attendance, behavior, and coursework (ABC) data, a picture of the whole student emerges and teachers can more effectively target interventions to the precise issues that students are struggling with.

Individual Student Resiliency Needs Report, Grades 6-10

The resiliency assessment for grades 6-10 also provides teachers with predictive data that identifies students at risk of failure as early as three years before typical warning signs of poor behavior, low grades and frequent absences occur. Even high achieving students may be silently struggling with social and emotional issues that the resiliency assessment uncovers for teachers so they can be proactive in supporting students.

The Success Highways Resiliency Curriculum offers teachers 15 lessons that combine teacher-led discussions, small group work, analysis and reflection by students, and the development of a personal action plan. The curriculum guides students and teachers through learning about each of the six resiliency skills that have been shown to most dramatically impact academic achievement. The activities are designed to develop trust and rapport between teachers and students, building strong connections, and increasing motivation.

Learn more about the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments and Curriculum, as well as the research that supports the solution.

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