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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


"Academically the students raised their grade percentage by 10-15%.  Behaviorally the students have changed positively. One teacher I team with has made comments that her worst class is now one of her best classes."

~ Counselor, Morgan Hill USD, Morgan Hill, CA
Empower your team with data and strategies to effectively target the root causes of student disengagement

Resiliency is an important attribute of successful students and teachers. Resiliency gives students and teachers the ability to deal with challenges and adapt to new or difficult circumstances in a positive, productive manner. These skills have been shown by research to be key to academic achievement.

Using the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments, administrators can identify the social and emotional needs of individual students, grades 3-10, and determine at the district, school and classroom levels which resiliency areas are in need of the most attention. This data can not only inform more effective interventions by guidance counselors and teachers, but help administrators develop district- and school-wide programs that foster resiliency and address the needs of the whole student.

Comparison of district and school resiliency results to standard success profiles

At the middle and high school levels, the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments identify students most at risk of failure as early as three years before warning indicators such as poor grades and missed classes manifest.

Individual Student Resiliency Needs Report, Grades 6-10

The Success Highways Solution offers a research-based curriculum for grades 6-10 helps educators address the social and emotional needs identified by the Resiliency Assessments.

Longitudinal studies have shown that the Success Highways curriculum:

  • Strengthens the resiliency skills students need to persevere and succeed in school.
  • Improves attendance, grades, and graduation rates.

The 15-lesson curriculum can be used as a supplement to core curricular classes, in advisory periods, as part of Tier 1 or 2 intervention plans, summer bridge programs, and freshman transition programs.

Learn more about the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments and Curriculum, as well as the research that supports the solution.

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