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“Pressure” Video, Success Highways Lesson 9, Part 1

What are all the different types of stress that people experience? Kick off Success Highways, Lesson 9, Part 1 discussions with this short video filled with quotes and engaging visuals.

View video on Vimeo.

Ideas for using the video:

  1. Have students watch the video, then create their personal definitions in the activity journal.
  2. Have students watch the video, then write their personal definitions as a script for a video similiar to this one.
  3. Have students use a legitimate Internet resource to find a different quote they like that is related to this definition. Have students evaluate the quote/source using guidelines such as
  4. Have students pick the timestamp for part of the video they want to react to. Have students explain why that’s their favorite part or why they dislike it.
  5. Have students select a quote from those in the video and explain whether they agree or disagree with the statement, and why.
  6. Have students analyze the images used in the video; why might the video include these types of images? What visual themes are emerging? How do specific images relate to both the word being defined and similar themes?


Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, & Cope with Stress

This Helpguide article is ad-free and presents an array of ideas for coping with stress.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Have students read the complete article provided at this Web page. Ask a few comprehension questions about the content, such as “What are some of the key points in this article? What’s something you learned from reading this?” Next, put students in small groups and have them reference the section of the article called “The Four As.” Each student should describe to his/her group something stressful in his or her life, and then the group should brainstorm, based on the Four As, different things the student can do to change the situation (Avoid the stressor / Alter the stressor) or to change his/her reaction to the situation (Adapt to the stressor / Accept the stressor).

How can you manage your stress?

On this Web page, students roll over various stress management techniques scattered around a figure in order to access ideas for managing stress.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Assign students to play with the page rollovers and review all of the information there and in the table below the interactive figure. Ask students to pick one of the strategies and, in a notebook or on a sheet of paper, describe how they could use this strategy in an area of their life right now. Following completion of the assignment, have several students share their selections with the class and describe how they’ll apply a specific strategy for addressing stress in their day-to-day life.

Teen Stress

These two videos, both created by high school students, take very different approaches to exploring the same issue: teen stress.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Assign students to watch the videos and provide answers to each of the following questions.

  • What are three causes of stress these videos describe?
  • What are three symptoms of stress these videos describe?
  • What are three ways these videos suggest addressing stress?

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