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 Importance of Goal Setting


“Success” Video, Success Highways Lesson 1, Part 2

Give your students some ideas about what it means and what it takes to be successful by kicking off Success Highways, Lesson 1, Part 2 with this short video filled with quotes from famous people.
View video on Vimeo.

Ideas for using the video:

  1. Have students watch the video, then create their personal definitions in the activity journal.
  2. Have students watch the video, then write their personal definitions as a script for a video similiar to this one.
  3. Have students use a legitimate Internet resource to find a different quote they like that is related to this definition. Have students evaluate the quote/source using guidelines such as
  4. Have students pick the timestamp for part of the video they want to react to. Have students explain why that’s their favorite part or why they dislike it.
  5. Have students select a quote from those in the video and explain whether they agree or disagree with the statement, and why.
  6. Have students analyze the images used in the video; why might the video include these types of images? What visual themes are emerging? How do specific images relate to both the word being defined and similar themes?

 Bard Prison Initiative: “B.A. Behind Bars” & “How to Not Let Mistakes Define You”

Part 1:

Part 2:

From YouTube, Part 1: “What college is tougher to get into than Harvard, Princeton, or Yale? Bard College. Not the campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y., but the one behind bars in five Empire State prisons. The privately funded Bard Prison Initiative is putting convicts through a rigorous B.A. program that would challenge even the smartest Ivy Leaguers.”

From YouTube, Part 2: “Skeptics of prison reform should take note of one Anthony Cardenales, a former inmate who did 17 years for homicide. He earned a bachelor’s degree through the program, and is working his way up the management ladder at an electronics recycling company.”

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Provide the following questions to students before watching the video. Show or assign the video and questions, then use the questions to guide an in-class discussion.

  • How do you think these inmates exemplify the idea that getting an education can change your life?
  • What do you think makes these inmates different from the ones who don’t pursue this program?
  • Why do you think it might it be important to invite released graduates from the program to come back and present to current student-inmates?

A New Computer?

This activity, provided by Girls Inc. Online, asks the user to help a character, Serena, build and purchase a new computer that she’ll need for her new job. She has requirements and a budget; the user chooses the components which meet or exceed her requirements without exceeding the budget. This provides scenario-based learning about needing vs. wanting things and dealing with the reality of a budget.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Assign this interactive exercise in class or as homework to follow “The Value of Education” in Lesson 4 of My Success Roadmap. Reflect on how students made Serena’s choices the next time you meet as a class, then work together as a group to create one Need vs. Want list for a “typical student” from your school to guide your lists. Items to debate for this list include cell phones, video games, brand-name clothes and accessories, downloads of recent music, junk food, etc.

Beats by the Bay: Stay in School

This video features real Bay Area rappers rhyming about reasons for getting an education.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Ask students to watch the video for homework. Each student should pull out one lyric that they notice and find interesting to share with the class. Students should write down the lyric on a piece of paper along with the reason they picked it. In the next class, ask students to share their selections and reasons aloud and lead a discussion about their responses. Students could also watch this video during My Success Roadmap Lesson 4, Part 3, when they’re developing their “stay in school” slogans.

Own Your Own Future

Although generally focusing on students from the state of Texas, this site is packed full of useful resources about college and career readiness. These three videos show students describing what happens in their lives thanks to a college education.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Show the three videos at the Web addresses above, then prompt students with several discussion questions:

  • How did each student define success?
  • How did they describe attending college as a means to achieving success?
  • Which of these people could you relate to most and why?

Will Smith Shares Secrets of Success

A third-party coach/author uses excerpts from Will Smith interviews to promote ideas about how to achieve success.

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Ask students to watch the video and be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What’s your favorite part and why?
  • At one point, the video shows the line “There’s no shortcut to success.” What does this mean? Do you agree with it?
  • In what area does Will Smith claim to excel? Why does he believe this is what’s needed to succeed?
  • Do you believe that something can change in your life if you focus on it?

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