“Support” Video, Success Highways Lesson 7, Part 1

Students will see first hand how important a support network has been to the success of many famous people they’re familiar with and admire. Kick off Success Highways, Lesson 7, Part 1 with this short video filled with quotes and engaging visuals.

View video on Vimeo.

Ideas for using the video:

  1. Have students watch the video, then create their personal definitions in the activity journal.
  2. Have students watch the video, then write their personal definitions as a script for a video similiar to this one.
  3. Have students use a legitimate Internet resource to find a different quote they like that is related to this definition. Have students evaluate the quote/source using guidelines such as
  4. Have students pick the timestamp for part of the video they want to react to. Have students explain why that’s their favorite part or why they dislike it.
  5. Have students select a quote from those in the video and explain whether they agree or disagree with the statement, and why.
  6. Have students analyze the images used in the video; why might the video include these types of images? What visual themes are emerging? How do specific images relate to both the word being defined and similar themes?

Important InfluencesNew

This article and video features Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana, Ph.D., the Superintendent of Schools for the Santa Ana Unified School District, as she meets her kindergarten teacher, whom she’s been seeking for decades. Meléndez has been searching for Mrs. Silverman in hopes of reuniting and letting her teacher know what a profound impact Mrs. Silverman had on her life. (Plus it’s a great PR opportunity for a new Sup!)


Curriculum Integration ideas
Ask students to talk about what they watched and read.
  • Why does Meléndez attribute much of her success to Silverman?
  • Do you feel it makes sense that someone you know for a year when you are very young can have such a big influence on your life?
  • Why do you believe it is important to Meléndez to find Mrs. Silverman?

As an assignment, provide students with or have them copy a seed/root image (such as or others found by using this Google Images search) which they should use creatively to compose and display a note to someone who was a positive influence on them when they were younger. They should address the note to this person (“Dear Ms.Silverman,”) and describe a specific reason (“for paying attention to me and supporting me”) occurring at a specific date/time or within a specific period (“in kindergarten in 1963-1964”). Explain that the note can focus on significant relationships/moments or minor ones; for example, you can show completed ones with examples like “To the corner store owner for always slipping me candy when I had no money (and the other kids did) that summer I lived with my grandmother” or “To my sister for always making me get out of bed and go to school the times mom was sick.” Have students post their notes as a massive root structure on a wall of the classroom with the heading “With Gratitude for Our Success Roots.”

My Dad’s a Cheerleader


A funny PSA about a man cheerleading to help his daughter learn her routine

Curriculum Integration Ideas

Show students this video as an icebreaker before one of the lessons about “Connections.” Lead students in a discussion/brainstorming using the following questions and taking notes on the board:

  • What does this video show about how a supportive connection can help someone in life?
  • If this girl did not have a father willing to do this, how else could she find support to learn her routine?
  • Imagine this father-daughter relationship fast-forwarded to 11th grade; how do you think the father will be helping his daughter at that point in her life?

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