Multimedia Extensions for Success Highways

Multimedia Extensions for Success Highways: My Success Roadmap and My Roadmap to the Future

Incorporating multimedia in the classroom has been proven to increase student engagement and motivation. Today’s students live and breathe media in many formats, accessing it on a variety of devices all day, every day. That is why we’ve provided this collection of web-based resources to supplement your Success Highways instruction.

These multimedia resources are organized by resiliency construct and align to each unit of both the My Success Roadmap and the My Roadmap to the Future curricula. For each resource, we have provided a description of the material and a suggestion for using it within the context of Success Highways instruction.

Search for resources by clicking on the images below or by using the navigation to the left. For more information on how to integrate these multimedia resources into your lessons, please visit the “Getting Started” section. If you’d like to print a list of these resources, click here to download a PDF.

Importance of School/Goal-Setting Stress
Confidence Well-Being
Connections Motivation


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