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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


"I saw students come to understand how meaningful and important the next four years were for the next step to be possible in their lives.”

~ Teacher, Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO
Prepare students for college and career success

Resiliency gives students the capacity to meet challenges, adapt to change, and succeed in school and beyond. As students work to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, resiliency helps students to think deeper, problem solve, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively.

Educators can assess their students’ resiliency skills using the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment. This research-validated assessment provides invaluable insight into the social and emotional competencies of students and how these factors affect academic performance.

Individual Student Resiliency Needs Report, Grades 6-10

Using the assessment data, educators can target interventions to address the underlying causes of student disengagement. Additionally, the resiliency assessment data tells educators which students are at risk of failure as early as three years before warning signs appear.

The Success Highways Resiliency Curriculum assists educators in addressing students’ social and emotional needs. The 15 lessons help students understand resiliency, set goals and develop plans to achieve them, and persevere toward academic success. As part of the curriculum, students are provided with their individual resiliency reports, generated from the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment. Throughout the lessons, students analyze and reflect on their own resiliency data, a critical step in social and emotional growth.

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