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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


Success Highways impacted my attitude a lot. Such as not getting mad easily, not back talking the teacher, and having respect no matter what. It benefited my education in many ways, helping me study, do my work, and then I’ll end up somewhere good in life.”

~ Lauderhill Middle School Student, Lauderhill, FL
Resiliency helps students excel in times of transition and stress

Middle school is a time of change. Academically, students face increased challenges and workload compared to elementary school. Social pressures increase and the physical changes of adolescence cause many students to experience feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Resiliency helps students to manage stress, reach out for assistance, and persevere in the face of challenges.

Educators can gain insight into how their students are handling the pressures of middle school using the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment. This research-validated resiliency assessment identifies the deeper social and emotional issues that may impact students’ behavior and coursework. Six critical resiliency skills are evaluated.

Individual Student Resiliency Needs Report, Grades 6-10

Based on the assessment data, educators can target interventions to strengthen students’ resiliency and support their academic achievement. Educators will also be able to identify students who may be silently struggling with resiliency issues even though their grades and behavior or fine. The Success Highways Resiliency Assessment Academic Risk Index™ shows which students are at risk of failure as early as three years before warning signs appear.

The Success Highways Resiliency Solution offers a standards-aligned curriculum designed to increase students’ awareness of resiliency and foster these important skills. The curriculum consists of fifteen, 45-minute lessons. As part of the curriculum, students are provided with their individual resiliency reports, generated from the Success Highways Resiliency Assessment. Throughout the lessons, students analyze and reflect on their own resiliency data, a critical step in social and emotional growth.

The Success Highways Resiliency Solution is especially effective when used as part of a freshman transition or summer bridge program between middle and high school. Learn more about implementation models.

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