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Success Highways Resiliency Solution


“I believe students were able to form a relationship with me as their mentor which wouldn’t have been possible without the program.”

~ Landrum High School Teacher,  Landrum,  SC
Empowering educators to teach  students the skills they need to learn and thrive

ScholarCentric provides educators with innovative solutions to assess and teach six critical social and emotional skills that have been proven to improve student engagement, achievement, and graduation rates. Through a research-validated predictive assessment that identifies which students are at risk and why; research-based curricula that guides students to understand the importance of education and set attainable goals; and comprehensive professional development, ScholarCentric ensures that all students have the support, knowledge and confidence they need to be successful in school and beyond.

Our Values

  1. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. We develop products that identify students’ social and emotional strengths and needs and provide them with knowledge and skills to confidently navigate life’s challenges.
  2. We are committed to providing educators with data-driven insight about the root causes of students’ academic and behavioral struggles that can be used to target interventions and resources to their greatest effect.
  3. We are passionate about helping educators make meaningful connections with their students and create learning environments that are positive, productive and supportive.
  4. We are inspired by the students in schools across the country that have overcome challenges, reached their goals and achieved their full academic potential with the guidance of educators utilizing ScholarCentric Resiliency Solutions.

Learn more about the Success Highways Resiliency Assessments and Curriculum, as well as the research that supports the solution.



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