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Resiliency key to students’ success in Common Core

Students’ success with the Common Core State Standards may be dependent on their resiliency and social-emotional learning skills.

Research has pointed to several resiliency skills common among students who overcome odds like poverty and achieve academic success. These skills include goal setting and understanding the importance of school, academic confidence, strong connections with others, stress management, a balanced sense of well-being, and intrinsic motivation.

“Kids who are strong in these areas tend to do better in school, and kids who are weak in these areas tend not to do as well in school,” said Melissa Schlinger, vice president of national accounts at ScholarCentric, during a recent webinar.

In many classrooms, resiliency and perseverance are often discussed early in the school year, but the emphasis goes away over the course of the year, said Jan Vesely, assistant superintendent of Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Ariz., during the webinar. Educators need to emphasize resiliency in classrooms and realize the process creates students who are capable of responding to challenges and setbacks.

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