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ScholarCentric unveils new assessment of resiliency skills for grades 3-5

Success Highways Resiliency Assessments enable educators to identify social-emotional factors that affect student performance

ScholarCentric, leading provider of actionable, research-validated resiliency assessments, is pleased to announce it’s newest assessment for grades 3-5. Now, elementary educators can assess their students’ resiliency skills and put resulting data to immediate use.  

The insightful feedback resulting from these assessments allows educators to provide interventions that truly target students’ underlying social emotional issues in order to improve academic performance, attendance, and behavior. With the Success Highways Elementary Resiliency Assessment, educators get the root cause information they need and can take action before signs of academic or behavioral trouble even appear.

“The foundation for academic success starts very early,” said Dr. V. Scott Solberg, Associate Dean of Research at Boston University School of Education. “Unless students are healthy, safe, engaged, and supported, and understand the value of school for themselves, they will not do well, regardless of academic interventions. However, it’s difficult for classroom teachers to know how students are feeling about school and what they’re struggling with at home.”

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ScholarCentric releases Spanish language version of online resiliency assessments

ScholarCentric’s research-validated resiliency assessments for grades 6-10 are now available for students to take online in Spanish. Previously, students without English language proficiency used a paper-based assessment tool which was much more time-intensive for both the student to take and for ScholarCentric to score, thus delaying the reporting of school and district-wide results.

The Revving Up and Moving On assessments, each 108 questions, measure students’ academic resiliency aptitude in the six areas that are scientifically linked to academic success. Educators use this valuable data to identify students’ social emotional strengths and challenges and develop interventions that support students’ academic success.

Online version of Resiliency Assessment in Spanish

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ScholarCentric provides robust collection of multimedia resources to support educators’ implementation of the My Success Roadmap and My Roadmap to the Future Resiliency Curricula

 Based on feedback from educators and students, ScholarCentric has assembled and vetted a collection of free, publicly accessible multimedia resources that align with the six key resiliency skills taught in the Success Highways Resiliency CurriculaMy Success Roadmap and My Roadmap to the Future. These activities, videos, and games enrich lessons, encourage discussion, and offer additional learning opportunities.

Access the multimedia resources now.

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